• quadrotto

    Like Calaf in Giacomo Puccini's Turandot opera must solve Turandot's riddles to win her love, those who approach this sophisticated San Michele beer must solve the enigma of its complexity in order to appreciate it.

    It is a triple malt, reflecting the three riddles of Turandot. Its spicy flavor follows the reputation of that renowned manufacturer of spices, the East Orient.

    The strong body of the beer is as irresistible as the slender beauty of Turandot.

  • Turandot33 75
  • The foam is fine and persistent, like the insight and passion of Calaf who risks his life twice in order to win Turandot's love.

    Solving the secrets of Turandot is, however, less risky for those who approach this typical abbey beer. Serve in a balloon glass - all the better to take advantage of several tasting note clues: caramel, licorice, toasted notes, and a hint of coffee.

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