The brewery is situated in an old building from 1860 in the town of Sant'Ambrogio, surrounded by greenery from the natural habitat of ALPS that allows us to offer a product of such excellence.

    The San Michele Brewery began in October 2010, born from a passion for artisan beer. We wanted to let others know the taste of real beer - live, non-filtered beer that was once the only kind that people drank, but for reasons of business and big industry, underwent so many changes it became almost unrecognizable from its original characteristics.

    Today we live in an era of food identity crisis that only seems to be getting worse, and we are losing touch with reality with the foods that we consume. The San Michele Brewery has made it a goal to create greater awareness with the world's most consumed and diffuse beverage: beer.

  • With this goal in mind, we also hope to debunk the many myths that surround the art of pairing food with beer during lunch and dinner.

    Our passion for beer - non-filtered, artisan production, fresh mountain water, use of some organic raw materials, and the care and attention we take for each and every bottle - allows us to obtain a superior beer that pleases all your senses.

    We think of San Michele beer as an 'Opera of Passion', in which their names, colors, labels, and bottles are not thrown together by chance. Instead, they derive from a precise fit with the perceptions and emotions that each beer provokes, from visual, gustatory, olfactory, and tactile sensations. Some even seem to carry us to a different time and place with just a sip....

    Not even the seat of the San Michele Brewery is a random choice.

  • Last but certainly not least, the Sacra di San Michele overlooks the brewery, which was inspired and named for this ancient, mystical abbey.

    Find us in Via III Reggimento Alpini 10/A - Sant'Ambrogio Di Torino - ITALY.

    See you soon!

San Michele Brewery

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