Opera Passione



Sipping Aida immerses you in an evening with amber sunsets that are reflected in the beer's color, transporting you to the arm, ancestral land of the Nile.

It was here, in Cairo, that Verdi's masterpiece was first presented on Christmas Eve of 1871, an opera that dove into Africa and took its spectators to the land of the Ethiopian princess, Aida. Enjoy Aida in a double tapered glass to get a glimpse of the sinuous fate of this woman, who was torn between love for her father and that of her beloved Radames.

The powerful story of the epic war between the Ethiopians and Egyptians, told in one of the most famous Italian works of the Romantic tradition, and the passionate energy that unites the young Ethiopian to the Egyptian leader are brought to life in the smoky aftertaste of Aida.

The distinctive aftertaste is obtained from smoking the malts over beechwood, an echo of the exotic charm and lure of the primordial dark skin of the ill-fated princess.

Serve Aida at 8-10 degrees C to enhance its flavor, and you just might hear thethunderous sounds of the opera's famous triumphal march.


Served in a tall kolsch glass, the pure, clean blond Butterfly refreshes drinkers any time of the year. It is as enchanting as the crystalline laughter of the Japanese girl Cio-Cio San, the heroine named 'Butterfly' of the opera by Giacomo Puccini.

The balanced carbonation and low alcohol of Butterfly reflect the purity of the 15-year-old's sentiments, who waits out the long absence of her inconstant husband, American Lieutenant Pinkerton, as persistently as the beer's foam.

The bitter taste of Pinkerton's deception and the sweet, naïve geisha's love for him join in a perfect marriage of flavors, quite unlike the marriage story recounted by the Tuscan musician.

The slightly fruity flavor, hanging between sweet and bitter, immerses you in the atmosphere of Japanese cherry blossoms in the Far East, the poignant setting of the story.

Puccini masterfully reinterprets Japanese traditions while exalting Italian opera, and Birrificio San Michele reinterprets this typical German brewing style in a new light.



The intense coppery red of Carmen reflects the strong character of the gypsy heroine in Georges Bizet's opera, Carmen.

This red-colored pale ale goes hand in hand with the hot temperament of the Spanish setting with its saturated colors and passionate music.

What really stands out with Carmen, Birrificio San Michele's flagship red, is the perfect balance of sweet and bitter.

The taste is a masterful blend of the two contrasting sensations that are revealed in Bizet's opera, recalling the same smoothness and harmony between the sweetness of the Mediterranean setting and the tragic destiny of the doomed cigar seller.

Like Bizet's heroine, Carmen enchants the senses with a flirtatious blend of sweet and spicy.

Carmen has likewise seduced the jury of the 'Beer of the Year' contest, winning third place in 2011.

LUCIA di Lammermoore

Lucia is San Michele's British beer. The traditional brewing style of this classic English beer from across the Channel is interpreted in a thoroughly Italian way - in much the same way that Gaetano Donzetti brought the Highlands to Italy in his opera Lucia di Lammermoor about the unfortunate young Scotswoman, Lucia.

Lucia is ginger-red like the hair of Scottish women, and is full of bitter flavor from the hops, which have strictly Anglo-Saxon origins.

The beer is bitter like the poignant story of Lucia, who dies bereft of her true love, deceived by her own family's deep cynicism.

Its strong flavor is softened by floral nuances like the delicate character of Lucia di Lammermoor, and lingering spices that match the tenacious temperament of her lost love Edgardo.

Lucia should be drunk in a pint glass, so as to let its amber red tones shine among the cozy haze and smoke fumes of Scottish pubs.


Manon is a delicate white beer. Its subtle orange-citrus notes and coriander result in a fresh palate and a floral, honeyed aroma. The use of unmalted wheat gives this beer its characteristic white opalescent color. Delicacy, freshness, flowers and honey: in the ingredients of Manon, there is the dream of the lovely, young protagonist of the same name who stars in the opera Manon Lescaut, the Manon opera redone by Giacomo Puccini.

The frivolous and ambitious girl wanted a life of ease and luxury, sacrificing her love for Renato to her insatiable appetite for wealth.

The whiteness that derives from non-malted wheat reflects the light of the beautiful world that is always in Manon's thoughts.

Refined notes of orange and coriander embellish this blanche beer. Sipping the refreshing Manon in a traditional tumbler, emerge yourself in the atmosphere of crinolines and lace of eighteenth-century France, the background of this coquettish opera.


NORMA is a special, double-malted beer, with a full body and a strong aroma of toasted malt and caramel. The high fermentation lends it a fruity scent and flavor that transforms into a delicate, enjoyable aftertaste.It was awarded the title Beer of the Year in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2015 by Associazione Unionbirrai, the national Italian association for the promotion of artisan beers.The almost epic strength of Vincenzo Bellini's character Norma from the opera of the same name is fully expressed in the full-bodied mouthfeel and flavor in this double-malt that is San Michele's most award-winning beer. A special beer, awarded the title Beer of the Year for three consecutive years (2011-2013), it couldn't take any other name but that of one of Italian opera's strongest heroines of the nineteenth century. Norma's toasted malt echoes the opera's storyline of sentiments expressed strong and true. In Norma, passionate love overpowers everything, leading the protagonists Norma and Adalgisa to give up their lives of Druid priestesses only to be deceived by the Roman proconsul Pollio.The fruity, caramelized aftertaste is like the sweetness of Norma's and Adalgisa's infatuation for the Italian invader. The special ingredient, chestnuts, was central in the diet of the Celtic population.The first fruity impact transforms into an entirely unexpected sensation, just like the initial clashing of enemies in Bellini's opera that changes into a surprising finale.The flavors twist the taste buds in a way that is sure to be successful when served in a Teku glass, which is able to expose the strengths and weaknesses of any kind of beer.


The quality of malts, hops, fermentation, and production follow ancient Czech tradition, giving this lager a dry taste and very persistent bitterness. The grassy scent of the hops overrides the aroma, and it has a medium body. Tosca has a very compact foam and a golden color that shines fully once the non-filtered microparticles settle. Dry and bitter, Tosca is as tough as the story told in Giacomo Puccini's opera Tosca. This beer follows the classical tradition of a Czech pilsner, where the unmistakable hoppy aroma is the master of its flavor profile.Indifference is impossible in the face of the proud, passionate Roman temperament, just as it's impossible to remain unemotional when confronted with one of San Michele's strongest-flavored beers. Tosca is distinguished by the malt quality and its characteristic fermentation technique.In Puccini's tragedy, the protagonists express primitive feelings of jealous love, escape for life, and the inevitability of death; Tosca's own flavors are strong and primitive, its hops herbaceous and alive.The foam is compact and dense like the passion that unites the painter Cavaradossi to the singer Tosca, who sacrifices herself when she learns of his own duplicitous murder. This clear pilsner is as brilliant gold as the saturated colors that run their bright, common thread through the works of Puccini.


Turandot is a dark, triple malt beer with spicy notes. Its aromas and flavors are complex, but between the lines a sharp palate can sense caramel, licorice, chocolate, toasted notes, and a hint of coffee. A strong body and fine, persistent foam complete the beer's style. Like Calaf in Giacomo Puccini's Turandot opera must solve Turandot's riddles to win her love, those who approach this sophisticated San Michele beer must solve the enigma of its complexity in order to appreciate it.It is a triple malt, reflecting the three riddles of Turandot.Its spicy flavor follows the reputation of that renowned manufacturer of spices, the East Orient. The strong body of the beer is as irresistible as the slender beauty of Turandot.The foam is fine and persistent, like the insight and passion of Calaf who risks his life twice in order to win Turandot's love.Solving the secrets of Turandot is, however, less risky for those who approach this typical abbey beer. Serve in a balloon glass – all the better to take advantage of several tasting note clues: caramel, licorice, toasted notes, and a hint of coffee.



Valchiria has a slightly bitter flavor, with a fruity aroma that has hints of banana and a spicy note of clove. Its natural fogginess is due to microparticles of wheat, as the beer is unfiltered, which gives it a straw-yellow color. It has a lightweight body and low alcohol content, while its carbonation and foam are both high.Valchiria is as blonde as the hair of the nine mythical Valkyrie warriors of Norse mythology, and inspired by the feminine elegance of their force displayed in the epic opera by Richard Wagner, Die Walküre (The Valkyrie). Its blonde tone holds nuances of foggy wheat microparticles, naturally present because the beer is unfiltered.It is lightweight in body, like Odin's lithe, mythological warrior daughters.The low alcohol content and fruity, spicy aroma echo the cheerful laughter of the Valkyrie warriors as they run, in the famous cavalcade, to Valhalla.Its aroma is balanced by a subtle sourness that recalls the warlike nature of the nine gods, ethereal even when donned in their massive metal armor.The freshness of the beer's high carbonation and its naturalness as an artisanal product is as bracingly crisp as the pristine Alpine landscapes that inspired Wagner when he composed his masterpiece while in exile in Switzerland. Valchiria is best sipped in a weizenbecker, whereupon you might catch a glimpse, between the delicate silhouette of the glass and the high head of foam, of a Valkyrie rider, her hair loose in the wind as she rides her proud, winged steed

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