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    Valchiria is as blonde as the hair of the nine mythical Valkyrie warriors of Norse mythology, and inspired by the feminine elegance of their force displayed in the epic opera by Richard Wagner, Die Walküre (The Valkyrie).

    Its blonde tone holds nuances of foggy wheat microparticles, naturally present because the beer is unfiltered. It is lightweight in body, like Odin's lithe, mythological warrior daughters.

    The low alcohol content and fruity, spicy aroma echo the cheerful laughter of the Valkyrie warriors as they run, in the famous cavalcade, to Valhalla.

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  • Its aroma is balanced by a subtle sourness that recalls the warlike nature of the nine gods, ethereal even when donned in their massive metal armor.

    The freshness of the beer's high carbonation and its naturalness as an artisanal product is as bracingly crisp as the pristine Alpine landscapes that inspired Wagner when he composed his masterpiece while in exile in Switzerland.

    Valchiria is best sipped in a weizenbecker, whereupon you might catch a glimpse, between the delicate silhouette of the glass and the high head of foam, of a Valkyrie rider, her hair loose in the wind as she rides her proud, winged steed.

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