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    The almost epic strength of Vincenzo Bellini's character Norma from the opera of the same name is fully expressed in the full-bodied mouthfeel and flavor in this double-malt that is San Michele's most award-winning beer. A special beer, awarded the title Beer of the Year for three consecutive years (2011-2013), it couldn't take any other name but that of one of Italian opera's strongest heroines of the nineteenth century.

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  • Tostato di Norma, dove l'amore passionale travolge tutto e porta le protagoniste a rinunciare alla vita di sacerdotesse druide, per essere ingannate dal proconsole romano Pollione.

    Norma's toasted malt echoes the opera's storyline of sentiments expressed strong and true. In Norma, passionate love overpowers everything, leading the protagonists Norma and Adalgisa to give up their lives of Druid stesses only to be deceived by the Roman proconsul Pollio.The fruity, caramelized aftertaste is like the sweetness of Norma's and Adalgisa's infatuation for the Italian invader. The special ingredient, chestnuts, was central in the diet of the Celtic population. The first fruity impact transforms into an entirely unexpected sensation, just like the initial clashing of enemies in Bellini's opera that changes into a surprising finale. The flavors twist the taste buds in a way that is sure to be successful when served in a Teku glass, which is able to expose the strengths and weaknesses of any kind of beer.

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