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    Sipping Aida immerses you in an evening with amber sunsets that are reflected in the beer's color, transporting you to the arm, ancestral land of the Nile.

    It was here, in Cairo, that Verdi's masterpiece was first presented on Christmas Eve of 1871, an opera that dove into Africa and took its spectators to the land of the Ethiopian princess, Aida. Enjoy Aida in a double tapered glass to get a glimpse of the sinuous fate of this woman, who was torn between love for her father and that of her beloved Radames.

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  • The powerful story of the epic war between the Ethiopians and Egyptians, told in one of the most famous Italian works of the Romantic tradition, and the passionate energy that unites the young Ethiopian to the Egyptian leader are brought to life in the smoky aftertaste of Aida.

    The distinctive aftertaste is obtained from smoking the malts over beechwood, an echo of the exotic charm and lure of the primordial dark skin of the ill-fated princess.

    Serve Aida at 8-10 degrees C to enhance its flavor, and you just might hear thethunderous sounds of the opera's famous triumphal march.

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